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AAAAA++ ASTRO PINK 14g bag – $320oz –


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7 different strains of astropink and astroXO are here!!! super quad quality guaranteed. We get new strains in every other week, so please check with us.

Lot # 4455 -  Pinky Pink

AstroXO is a Sativa Hybrid :

Lot # 9106 - Wedding Cake 2

We also have the actual strain Astro Pink which you can find on our menu. Very potent and Craft grown with extra care. .

AstroPink (the brand) has infiltrated your area! We have abducted a team of chronic OG’s to source out the most fire pink kush on planet earth. Our mission is to provide earthlings with extremely potent, gassy, gooey and clean burning tasty pinks that will lift you into outer space. Strict quality control protocols have been put in place to ensure we consistently deliver you a product and experience that's truly out of this world – enjoy! ASTRO PINK AAAAA+ 14g pack for $170 for a half oz and -$320 for an ounce. or 2 bags....

One of the Strongest Pink Kush variant strain that comes in 14 gram pack. It will blow your mind as the quality is through the roof. It is craft grown, hand selected, properly flushed and perfectly cured for your smoking needs. Even if you are a true OG smoker, you might still find yourself dead on the couch. With a strict quality control protocols, this is truly one of the best strains you will try.

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14 g, 28 g






Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy, Uplifted

Moods & Activities

Get Active, Lift Your Spirits, Motivate Your Mind, Sleep Soundly, Stay Productive




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