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Citrix *Sativa*



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Relieves anxiety, boosts happiness and creativity

Cit·Rix is a sativa-leaning hybrid that imparts dynamic citrus flavor alongside a productive but not overpowering high. Created by Reserva Privada -- the Colorado breeders who have stabilized classics like Headband and Strawberry Banana -- is a cross between Grapefruit and pure indica L.A. Confidential. This strain's buds are a light green hue, with bright orange pistils that give the nugs an almost glowing appearance. The aroma has an herbal top note that gives way to sweet citrus undertones of grapefruit, followed by earthy notes of soil and pine. The effects of Cit·Rix are more cerebral than physical, with a clear-headed high that is ideal for daytime use and socialising. It may not be the most energising strain on the market, but it will keep you focused and motivated throughout the day without anxiety or paranoia creeping in as side effects from overuse.

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