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City of God


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You might be able to say that a strain named City of God is as close to heaven on Earth as you can get, right? This indica-dominant bud is the product of Oregon based Phantom Farms and was created by crossing God Bud with NYC Diesel. An incredibly potent strain, experienced users can determine their effects based on their dose, kind of like a choose your own adventure story.

Reports note that City of God can reach as high as 33% THC, so newbies should take note that this is not the strain for you. Flowers of this plant mirror the fabled golden streets of heaven itself, with golden and airy nugs that have a rich coating of amber trichomes. While this strain may not taste great to everyone, a complex blend of dank earth, herbs, diesel, and a touch of sweetness certainly make for a flavor you won’t forget.

Get ready to experience superhuman powers during your high, as City of God instantly imparts a burst of energy that makes you ultra-aware of your surroundings. This energy may be great to channel at work but most have better luck using it in social situations like concerts or parties. Your level of sociability will soar to new heights and you’ll be happy as a lark. Keep in mind that this strain can cause quite a case of the munchies, and if you smoke too much, you’ll end up with a heavy comedown that leaves you flat on your back.

Medical patients often find that strains with CBD are ideal for them, yet when you’re dealing with a 30% average THC level, you can’t exactly pass that up either. Chronic pain, as well as minor bodily issues, will be soothed pretty quickly after your first hit, and any inkling of tiredness will dissolve. As City of God is a very happy strain, users who struggle with dark thoughts along with depression or overwhelming amounts of stress will find this bud to be an escape in all of the right ways.

While all of this sounds good and nice, we have a bit of bad news - City of God is incredibly hard to find. What’s more, Phantom Farms doesn’t seem too terribly excited about making seeds or clones available either. Perhaps the intention was to make a limited edition strain, or they’re just super protective, but any hopes of growing your own at home should probably leave your mind.

Try this strain during your next get-together or take her for a hike and see how you feel when surrounded by nature - we’ve been told the experience is pretty epic. Above all else, use caution to monitor your dose as well as the time of day you use this bud because too much of a good thing is definitely a bad thing.

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THC Content

Highest Test33%

Strain Average31.5%

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