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Hash – Arabic AAA Moroccan
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Hash has a history that is mysterious and thousands of years old. The substance is a powerful cannabis concentrate used both for religious and medical uses by Arabic cultures about a thousand years ago. The use of the drug then spread via Europe to the rest of the world. Europeans remain the biggest consumers of hash today.Hash is a product that has a history thousands of years old. One of its first literary references appears in the classic 1001 Arabian Nights stories. “The Tale of the Hashish Eater” tells of a once prominent man who wastes his wealth on women. After wandering penniless, he finds his way into a Hammam. He strips off his clothes, eats a ball of hashish and dreams he is rich again. Upon waking, he is embarrassed to find that he is now being laughed at by people who find him. However he does not forget his experiences with the drug. He begins to rebuild his pride and self-confidence.Other legends credit the first use of hash to Haydar. This secluded monk was also the founder of the religious Sufi order. After falling into a depression one day, he wandered off alone into the fields. After he returns, his disciples realize that he is a changed man. He is happy and in love with life. Haydar credited his happiness to hash. His disciples then copy him. Haydar was even buried surrounded by cannabis plants. The Sufis were sworn to secrecy about their understanding, use and power of the drug.