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THC levels can exceed 20% in Platinum Green Crack, making this a very potent medical choice for patients looking to treat anxiety, inflammation, physical pain, and glaucoma related ocular conditions. The sativa genes are very dominant in this strain, which has a sativa/indica ratio of 80:20. That genetic background makes for intense cerebral effects with mental clarity and a vibrant boost of energy. But because CBD levels are very low, much lower than 1%, Platinum Green Crack shouldn't be used as the only medication for the treatment of seizures or other health conditions that respond to that chemical. It's not clear exactly which parents produced this hybrid, but presumably the original Green Crack was one of them. Platinum Green Crack has a sweet smell of apples and a similar flavor, while the green nugs are leafy with brown hairs. Patients can expect the usual marijuana side effects, including cottonmouth and dry eyes, though detailed reports on the subject are scarce. This strain is available at medical marijuana dispensaries in California, Colorado, and New Mexico, though it may sometimes also be found on the black market.Jelly Bean is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by MzJill Genetics. This strain has a unique flavor that is sweet, tangy, citrus and candy! This flavorful strain also gives off a sweet sugary aroma with some earth and pungent touches. It sedates the mind and the body, making it a great aid for chronic stress, depression, nausea, anxiety and chronic pain. The plant boasts olvie green nugs that are fluffy with orange hairs and amber crystals. Jelly Bean strain is recommended for daytime use.