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Pink Amnesia Gas 5A (+1/4 OZ Free)


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Pink Amnesia is a new slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain that was created by crossing a super gassy Pink Kush with the Amnesia strain. Pink Amnesia borrows its taste and smell from its parents and is quite sweet, fruity, but with a distinct pungent/gassy Pink Kush smell and flavour.

Pink Amnesia has a lot of indica traits from its Pink Kush lineage, although it’s high is that of a sativa, clear headed and calming.  You will find it easier to concentrate and focus than a pure Pink Kush, which makes it an excellent daytime strain. Moreover, it does elevate mood levels and may cause you to feel euphoric and extremely talkative. Its high offers intense cerebral effects without causing any discomfort whatsoever, and has been by patients to treat medical conditions like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, stress and offers pain relief but to a certain extent.

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