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Pink Cotton Candy 4A (+1/4 OZ Free)


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When it comes to smoking flower, flavor can be everything. Nasty tasting weed can be a huge turn-off even if it offers great effects, and growers at LivWell certainly know how to create something that’s yummy and powerful. Pink Cotton Candy is a 70/30 indica-dominant strain that was bred by crossing Cotton Candy Kush with Granddaddy Purple, and the results are spectacular.

Coming in with an average of 18% THC, these nugs are beautiful, tasty, and potent. Many users often remark at just how similar these nugs look to cotton candy itself, with a fluffy exterior that boasts a ton of fuzzy hairs and creamy-looking trichomes. While the flavor of this strain isn’t entirely sweet, you’ll certainly get your sugar fix with a grape cotton candy flavor that’s accented by lavender and skunk.

Despite a brief lift in mental state upon your first exhale, Pink Cotton Candy will impart a strong set of sedative effects in most users. Initially, you’ll feel happy and clear-headed, allowing any racing thoughts to slow down without making you feel overly energized. As time goes on, you’ll slowly sink into a relaxed state that’s gentle and soothing, allowing you to fall into a deep sleep if you so desire. Although this strain doesn’t knock you out from the start, it’s a good idea to save some for the end of the day.

A popular choice among medical patients who need something to help them unwind, Pink Cotton Candy can aid with a wide range of conditions. Most prominently, those with insomnia will find sweet relief after a few tokes, and stress goes out the window during your initial boost in mood. However, most users note that this bud is beneficial for issues like pain, headaches, and lack of appetite, as it can work to stimulate your desire to eat.

Pink Cotton Candy is a good choice for individuals who want to try their hand with home cultivation, although it might take on a bit of an experimental form. Although there isn’t much information that’s widely available, what is known is that this plant tends to stay rather short and only needs about 7 to 10 weeks to fully mature. As an added bonus, your grow space will smell amazing once buds begin to fully develop.

Sometimes having dessert is the only way to deal with a stressful day, and other times getting high is the answer. With Pink Cotton Candy you can pretty much have the best of both worlds with a tasty and relaxing treat. Grab some snacks beforehand, because depending on your tolerance level, you might not want to get up when hunger strikes. After your belly is nice and full, get horizontal and drift away for the night.

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