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Super Glue AAAA


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Six Shooter can refer to at least two different strains of cannabis. One is a potent and well-balanced hybrid created by Royal Dutch Genetics. The other is a sativa-dominant variety developed by American breeders Fast Buds. Both strain offer dynamic effects and high levels of THC. Royal Dutch’s Six Shooter is a mix of some prestigious genetics that includes Haze, Northern Lights, Trainwreck, and Super Skunk, among others. It is distinguished by impressively large flowers that adhere in blunt, rounded shapes, somewhat like fuzzy bullets. Vibrant, spring-green leaves adhere in a dense and characteristically indica bud structure; a higher than average volume of curly orange pistils provides a striking visual contrast. Besides striking visuals, these flowers have aromatic appeal to boot -- the cured flowers emit a deeply fruity scent that verges on an overripe, fermented odor on a second whiff. When burnt, these flowers give a smooth and light smoke that’s easily ingested. The high from this Royal Dutch strain takes hold fairly quickly, hitting consumers with a pulsing, constricted feeling around the eyes and lower forehead. This soon dissolves into a uplifted, energetic feeling in which the user’s stream of consciousness may flow more quickly than usual. Previously innocuous ideas may seem to take on a new intensity or significance. In certain situations, the strain’s mental edginess can manifest as a kind of sensory distortion; certain sights and sounds may be perceived as slightly warped. Some more intangible, psychedelic effects like a sense of time dilation may also occur. After an hour or so, Six Shooters initial stimulation turns into a mellow physical sedation that’s best suited to lounging around. These recreational benefits may also have several medical analogues: Royal Dutch’s Six Shooter can aid concentration and relieve stress just as well as it soothes deep-seated aches and pains and enhances appetite.   Although Royal Dutch has previously made seeds of Six Shooter available online, they are not regularly stocked. Those intent on growing the strain at home can do so by propagating clippings as “clones.” These can be grown indoors or out, with outdoor success depending on a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate. Plants are short and bushy, although gardeners may need to provide artificial supports like wooden stakes in order to keep branches from drooping under the weight of these high-yielding crops. This Six Shooter flowers within 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors. Despite an identical name, the Six Shooter developed by Fast Buds has a much different genetic composition, consisting of their own proprietary, landrace-derived strains: “Crystal Meth” and Mexican Airlines. The result is a supercharged sativa-dominant bud. The strain’s large flowers hold together in an elongated, almost columnar shape and have a compact internal structure. When properly cured, these striking buds have a soothing scent that blends citrus with bright herbal accents. There may also be some of the hashy, peppery odor associated with this strain’s Mexican landrace descendant. If combusted in a pipe or a joint, this Six Shooter can be somewhat harsh and sour. Fast Buds’ Six Shooter has a fast mechanism of action, possibly exerting a headrush before consumers have even finished coughing on its heavy smoke. Weighty feelings of the pressure in the face may come alongside strange tics like an increase in salivation. Eventually, consumers may notice their thoughts moving more quickly or with a new intensity. This strain’s tuned-in, cerebral energy can be a great way to accomplish detailed analytical tasks as well as more freewheeling creative pursuits. Those looking to be productive should act quickly, though, as it later melts into a deep body stone. While not totally incapacitated, smokers may feel more relaxed and somewhat demotivated. These wide-reaching effects can have several applications for medical cannabis patients as well -- its mental properties can be a boon to those with attention deficit disorders, while its physical sedation can numb both mild and chronic pain and even relieve insomnia. Fortunately for home growers, Fast Buds has madd seeds of their Six Shooter available online. Once obtained, it can be grown indoors or out, with outdoor success depending on hot daytime temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. These plants may stretch past four feet, possibly requiring indoor gardeners to occasionally prune back their crops. Per Fast Buds, Six Shooter flowers within about 9 weeks and can offer patient growers a very high yield.Superglue is an indica-leaning hybrid that has the powerful genetic combination of an Afghani landrace and Northern Lights. True to its name, Super Glue confers deep physical relaxation that can easily trap you on your couch under the right circumstances. It also has serious bag appeal, with a rich, musky aroma and thicky, chunky flowers. The strain’s THC content has been measured at between 18% and 28%.Superglue impresses with large flowers that maintain a pronounced spade-like formation, tapering down from a broad base into a pointed tip. The buds have a characteristically indica structure, with their small leaves curling tightly inward in a dense, solid cluster. The leaves themselves are a pale sage green and are twisted through with orange and rust-colored pistils. Translucent, sticky white trichomes cap off these flowers, ensuring their potency and making them very difficult to break up without the help of a grinder.A first whiff of Superglue’s flowers will pick up on a sour-sweet, skunky odor. Hanging out underneath are some sharp, piney accents. Meanwhile, grinding up or breaking open these dense flowers releases a sandalwood and spice scent that’s unique to parent strain Afghani. When combusted, Super Glue burns with a harsh and acrid smoke. This smoke tastes woodsy and earthy on the exhale. Those looking to keep their smoking discreet should take some olfactory precautions, as this pungent bud can reek from quite a distance away.Surprisingly, given its mostly indica backbone, Superglue takes hold relatively quickly. Shortly after consuming its thick smoke, consumers may feel a sudden headrush, accompanied by sensations like increased salivation or a slight throbbing around the eyes and forehead. Once adjusted to these symptoms, smokers should be able to pick up on some subtle stimulation of their train of thought. This newly cerebral energy is characterized by a sudden free association between concepts or a fascination with topics that might not otherwise seem interesting. Fortunately, these thoughtful effects are not typically overwhelming and tend not to progress into a sense of “mindrace,” as can happen with more sativa-inflected strains. In fact, within less than an hour or so, Superglue’s initial mental activity begins to progress more toward physical relaxation. While users may be able to maintain a clear head and can still carry on lucid conversations with others, they may feel stripped of any motivation or leanings toward productivity. Instead, the bud’s indica side is liable to weigh down limbs and eyelids in equal measure, conferring the kind of deep relaxation that can free up muscular tension and enable deep, restorative breathing. True to its name, Superglue (like Gorilla Glue) is even liable to pin smokers down wherever they sit -- or if they’re standing, to have them diving for the closest comfortable couch. In these later stages, Superglue is a great way to take part in an extended binge-watching session, or, if you’re feeling more social, a board game night or a meal with friends. Because of its predominantly lazy vibes, Superglue is recommended for consumption between late afternoon and early evening, when its slow decline into drowsiness can be fully appreciated.Superglue’s thorough sedation can beneficial to medical cannabis patients as well. It can temporarily take the edge off of the harsh symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. It may also dull physical pain, whether it’s due to chronic conditions like lupus or to everyday inflammations like cramps. At the right dosage, Superglue can even counteract insomnia, lulling users into a deep sleep. Because it is not likely to trigger obsessive bouts of manic thinking, Superglue is a good option for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low THC tolerance.Seeds of Superglue are not available for sale online; instead, home growers must foster “clones” taken from clippings of mature, healthy plants. Once obtained, plants can be grown indoors or out, although outdoor cultivation requires a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate. Superglue’s plants tend to grow short and bush with strong lateral branches. The strain flowers within 8 to 9 weeks when grown indoors.A great all-purpose indica, Superglue isn’t likely to totally knock you out unless you overindulge. It’s as fun enjoyed alone as it is when shared with friends.

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