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Tres Dawg AA++


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Tres Dawg, also known as Violet 25, is generally a 50/50 balanced hybrd strain but may be slightly Indica-dominant in some batches. It has won awards in the hybrid category in Cannabis Cups across the West Coast. The strain, by Top Dawg seeds, was achieved by crossing Chemdawg and Afghani #1. The THC content is very high at 20 to 25 percent and the CBD level is 0.5 percent.

The buds on Tres Dawg are dark green with purple leaves. They have orange hairs and a generous sprinkling of crystals. Nugs should have a diesel smell mixed with citrus. Properly cured, the buds are slightly resinous and not dry. When you break it apart or put it in the grinder, you might smell pine or spicy notes. The smoke may feel a bit harsh and diesel fuel-like.

A balanced strain, recreational users should find body melt and euphoria. Mostly likely though, due to the high THC, recreational users will get blazed - potentially to the point of paranoia. You may feel joy and experience daydreaming as well. Depending on the mood you were in before, you may feel introspective but more in touch with your body, and altogether very relaxed and hungry.

Medical users with mild to moderate conditions should appreciate Tres Dawg’s medicinal profile. The CBD is lower than strains intended specifically for medical uses but Tres Dawg should make good medicine as the sedative effects synergize with the cerebral effects. However, if you have appointments outside the house, be careful of the high THC that may be hallucinatory or disorienting, depending on your condition and other medications.

Most people should find that Tres Dawg introduces itself with a little euphoria; you’ll smile. The cerebral head rush will dissipate, leaving you with a little introspection. When the brain has had a chance to acclimate, you’ll notice that you’re a little spacey and have no pain. If you’re close to bedtime, your body might accept a more sedative effect, couch-locking you until you drop into a deep slumber.

Tres Dawg is among the elite in cannabis with high-placed parents, high THC, and high yield for growers. Enjoy the super funky aroma and balanced head/body effects. Whether you’re a recreational or medical user, Tres Dawg will help you sit on the couch and get into a better mood.

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