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Vape Pens by Bulldog – Indica, Sativa or Hybrid in 4 Strains – $35 when you buy 2. Disposable


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Shatter Disposable Vape pens by Bulldog - 4 Strains to choose from ..... Indica |  Sativa | Hybrid  ................. 1 for $40, 2 for $70 ($35 each) .............. ...........Convenient and made to be by-your-side, let this trusty companion guard against monotony. Made from top grade, fine cannabis extracted shatter formulated for hefty hits and dependable effects. Whether you are looking to chill out with good friends or amp up a dull day, this puppy is ready for a stroll. Strong yet gentle, reliable and solid like a bulldog should be. Made with shatter. Single-Use disposable Inhale Activated vape pen.  About 200 puffs per pen.

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